Online Ordering

Our features of Online Ordering which attached which our warehousing service, to make sure 

Easy step to place delivery orders from our warehousing whenever the client needs

Check the inventory  of each single products online anytime anywhere 

Receive the low inventory by email to help the client easy to make the next printing plan

Monthly and yearly warehousing, ordering report will be provided by ACE Colour & Design as requested 

At ACE, we fulfil your warehousing, online ordering and distribution needs using tech-infused operations. Our strategically located warehouses and a team of distribution experts will ensure your business delivers fast, accurate, affordable, and attractively packaged products — every single time.

In addition to warehousing, distribution, transport services, we offer assembly, packaging, quality control, shrink wrapping, handbag stuffing, and other value-added services. This makes us your one-stop partner for all your product handling requirements. The one-stop integration puts you at ease and ensures maximum safety for all your product needs. No matter the bulk of or size of your package, order or transport needs, ACE is the right choice.

Our satisfied clientele range from major corporations to lone proprietors working from their remote offices. Regardless of size and scale, each of our customers become an immediate priority as soon as their goods arrive in our warehouse.

We understand and follow strict compliance requirements, so you can rest easy when ACE is your partner.

Our high-level service is accompanied by our online inventory system, which ensures you remain updated on stock levels, reports, order transactions and billing details, from anywhere in the world.

If you’ve ever asked yourself: How much stock do I have? Where is my order?

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